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Custom, Not Customary

Welcome to David Alan’s new blog, “Custom, Not Customary” where we take you on a journey through the captivating world of making Custom, Not Customary pristine fine jewelry. Our blog features articles that cover a range of topics to interest both seasoned jewelry enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Learn about the intricate process of creating fine jewelry, like no other, from the master and fine jewelry whisperer, David Alan. David, is known for translating client’s emotions, connections, and occasions into his fine jewelry.

Hold on tight as we expose you to his fresh approach towards fine jewelry education. Gain insights into the art of diamond selection. Discover tips and tricks to care for your jewelry and extend its life. We will also take you behind the scenes of our New York City Atelier, offering a sneak peek at the latest masterpieces, upcoming projects, and events. Whether you are looking to expand your knowledge of fine jewelry or simply appreciate the craftsmanship and beauty of each DA piece, the “Custom, Not Customary Blog” will unveil the making and mastery of David Alan.