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Ring Stuck On Finger

Elevate, submerge, or use soap to reduce swelling, but if DIY methods don't work, visit a professional jeweler.

From swollen hands to an incorrect ring size, there are lots of reasons why your ring might get stuck on your finger. Elevate your hand to decrease blood flow, submerge your hand in cold water to reduce swelling, or use soap to slip your ring off. If these DIY methods don’t work, visit a professional jeweler, such as David Alan, to remove the ring. 

Reasons A Ring Might Get Stuck On Your Finger

  • Consuming wine and/or salty foods. An often overlooked culprit is the food and drinks you consume. Alcohol and salty foods can cause fluid retention in your hands, leading them to swell. This temporary swelling may make it tough to remove jewelry like your rings.
  • You’re on medication. Over-the-counter painkillers, certain steroids, high blood pressure medication, and synthetic hormones can all cause your hands to swell. 
  • You’re pregnant. Moderate swelling and puffy fingers are  common and normal symptoms during pregnancy. 
  • It’s hot outside. High temperatures cause your blood vessels to expand as a natural response to control your body temperature. This expansion often leads to swelling in your fingers.
  • You’re wearing an incorrect ring size. If your ring is uncomfortable to wear, your finger is beginning to swell, and it won't come off, these are all indications that you're wearing the wrong sized ring.

Method 1: Elevate Your Hand

This method is a simple fix. Hold your hand above your head for about 5-10 minutes to reduce increased blood flow to your hand. If the swelling goes down, try to remove your ring.

Method 2: Place Your Hand In Cold Water 

Submerging your hand in cold water helps restrict the blood vessels and reduces any swelling. If the ring still doesn’t budge, try...

Method 3: Use Soap Or Any Other Lubricant

Sudsing up your hand with soapy water makes your skin slippery and reduces friction between your skin and the ring. Still stuck? You can try using any kitchen cooking oil or hand cream. 

Method 4: Seek A Professional Jeweler To Cut The Ring Off

If none of these at-home methods work, you may have to visit a professional jeweler to cut the ring off. Professional jewelers are equipped with ring cutters that remove your ring without hurting your hand. Depending on the ring’s construction, the jeweler may be able to solder the ring back together after it’s cut. This is not always the case so heed caution here. 

Get Your Ring Sized Correctly To Prevent It From Getting Stuck

How can you avoid stuck rings altogether? Visit David Alan to create a piece, inspired by your preferences, and made specifically for your hand. A ring sized to a sixteenth of an inch ensures proper fit. This is especially important if you find yourself between traditional ring sizes.. 

For a truly enjoyable and thorough buying experience, David Alan books personal consultations to discuss your ring preferences, along with personal details to make each piece truly unique. There are no sales people and no pressure to buy from a case of ready-made jewelry. These design meetings ensure that David Alan collects precise measurements to create a ring that is made just for you, right down to how naturally the ring sits on your finger. 

Discover Custom, not Customary Fine Jewelry,  Designed and Expertly Crafted for you

David Alan is a New York City based fine jewelry atelier with an incredible reputation for capturing and translating your raw emotion and passion into a beautifully balanced, and distinctly unique design. Every part of your David Alan experience contributes to a jewel so personal, it becomes your signature, your talisman, and your future heirloom. Start your journey now.  

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