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How Much To Spend On A Wedding Ring?

David Alan recommends budgeting enough time and finances to create a wedding band to treasure for generations to come

While the Brides’ American Wedding Study reports that the average wedding band cost in 2020 is $1,100, how much you should spend on a wedding ring entirely depends on your  budget and personal taste. While many people focus on how much they should spend, David Alan recommends budgeting enough time and finances to create a wedding band to treasure for generations to come.

What’s The Average Cost Of A Wedding Ring (In 2020)?

According to the 2020 Brides’ American Wedding Study, the average cost of a woman’s wedding band is $1,100. While $1,100 is the 2020 average in America, you’re free to spend as much as you’d like to make your wedding band a special family heirloom for generations to come. 

How To Realistically Budget For A Wedding Ring. 

Many couples make the mistake of waiting until the last minute to look for a wedding band, after most of their wedding budget is spent on the celebration. 

Instead of making this common mistake, at David Alan, we recommend starting a conversation about the wedding ring as soon as you get engaged, ideally while you’re designing your engagement ring. Making the wedding bands a priority from the start ensures that you make the right choice on lasting pieces of jewelry that become family heirlooms for generations. Remember, the wedding rings outlast celebratory flowers, music, and cake – your ring budget should reflect this. 

Tips For Getting The Best Value For Your Budget

The two key factors to ensure the best value for your money on your wedding ring purchase are the 4Cs and a skilled jeweler. Here are our tips on both: 

Understand The 4Cs Of Diamonds

If you’re set on buying a classic diamond wedding ring, it’s important to learn the 4Cs: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. These factors determine the diamond’s quality. Becoming familiar with the 4Cs is key to buying a quality diamond. Understanding how the 4Cs affect price and their relative importance is essential when getting the best diamond for your budget. 

Choose A Reputable Jeweler

Buying a diamond wedding ring is arguably one of the most important purchases in your lifetime, along with the engagement ring. To ensure you are getting the most for your money and to ensure the most enjoyable shopping experience, be sure to shop with a reputable jeweler. A jeweler who will take time to help educate you about the 4C’s as well as walk you through the design process is integral. Regardless of your budget, a reputable jeweler will invest their time, energy and expertise in exchange for your business. 

Discover Custom, not Customary Fine Jewelry,  Designed and Expertly Crafted for you

David Alan is a New York City based fine jewelry atelier with an incredible reputation for capturing and translating your raw emotion and passion into a beautifully balanced, and distinctly unique design. Every part of your David Alan experience contributes to a jewel so personal, it becomes your signature, your talisman, and your future heirloom. Start your journey now.  

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